FNPT-I VFR Trainer

Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainer cat. I. Visual Flight Rules
Manufacturing of flight training device of class/type of aircraft(single-engine piston land aircraft) by virtual flights rules (FTD/ SEPA/ VFR) based on Ha-32 “Bekas” aircraft cockpit (International Aviation Training Centre, Kiev)

Scope of work:

  1. Manufacturing of indicating devices simulators and control units.
  2. Development and manufacturing of simulation system of aerodynamic loads on the aircraft control stick and pedals.
  3. Software development for imitation pointer instruments on the monitor mounted on the pilot’s instrumental panel.
  4. Development, manufacturing and installation of remote introduction of failures, setting it in the instructor workplace.
  5. Software development for the flight analysis (maneuvering, engine and systems) and output graphs / tables for comparison with similar Ha 32 flight tests datareports.
  6. Participation in the development tests to detect deviations in the dynamic model of Ha-32 airplane from the parameters of flight testing and refinement of the dynamic model to comply with certification.