Visualization systems

The visualization system on a semi-cylindrical screen is designed for use in the aviation training complex plane or helicopter and is designed to simulate the image the off-cabin space.

It is a hardware and software system consisting of:

  • semi-cylindrical screen with a diameter of 5 meters, a height of 2 meters, the frame is made of aluminum, but reflective side of hard fiberboard with a matte surface;
  • three-channel projection equipment with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels on the channel;
  • computer (graphic image’s generator);
  • specialized software, which provides absence of visible transitions during outputting the image from different projectors.
  • System’s assembly weight — 140 kg

Width — 5.2 m
Length – 5.5 m
Height — 2.5 m
Viewing angles:
Horizontal – 180о;
Vertical — 60о.

Upon customer request, visualization system can be simplified to one-project system (with projecting images on a flat screen), or complicated to six-project system (with projecting images on the screen in the form of a truncated hemisphere).