The yak-9 flight simulator is located in  the centre of Vinnitsa in the Auto, Moto, Bike, Tele and Radio pavilion of the Retro Auto Museum, so besides the flight simulator you can view various auto exhibits, listen to the 19th century gramophone or make of tour of the city in a car released before WWII.

Opening hours:

Daily from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Address: 5 Soborna St., Vinnitsa
Pre-registration for the simulator by phone:

+38 067 218 54 15;

+38 093 638 37 74.

The Yak-9 Flight Simulator from WWII (Vinnitsa UAH 75/15 min

The Yak-9 is the most  popular type of front-line fighter in the Soviet Air Force during World War II, which was used with great success in aerial combat on all fronts. The Yak-9 flight simulator from WWII is an exact replica of the cockpit, in which there are imitators of instruments and controls. The simulator settings allows to perform all maneuvers required for initial piloting skills training, including taxiing, taking off, flying around and into the zone on the simple and complex aerobatics, and landing, as well as to dogfight and attack ground targets. The simulator allows customers to experience the sensations similar to those experienced by Soviet pilots during World War II.